Project acronym: ECOPRESSWOOD

Project Logo

Full project title: Formaldehyde free Bio-Based thermosetting resin for wood pressed products

Grant agreement no.: 605236

Project number: FP7-SME-2012-BSG
Project Start Date: 1 March 2014.

ECOPRESSWOOD project is a European research project funded by the European Community's Seventh Framework Programme.

FP7 (The Seventh Framework Programme) is the main EU instrument for the financing of scientific R&D programmes. The Programme supports the cooperation among the universities, research centres and industries (small and middle enterprises included) and provides financial support for their joint projects.

FP7 is designed to enhance effectiveness of the previous programmes aiming to establish the European Research Area (ERA) and knowledge based Europe economy development.

The EC represents the interests of the EU as a whole. It proposes new legislation to the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, and it ensures that EU law is correctly applied by member countries.