Spanish Confederation of Woodworking Industries

Business Activities:

First established in 1977, the Spanish Confederation of Woodworking Industries (CONF) has a long experience and solid reputation in defending the interests of the companies of the woodworking sector in Spain representing more than 36.781 industries and 312.300 employees. Confemadera´s aim is to help the Industries to adjust their Human Resources and products to the new commercial environment.CONF belongs to the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE, the official employers’ association in Spain) and to the European Confederation of Woodworking Industries (CEI-BOIS) and has been involved in the decision committees to negotiate matters concerning international commerce, trade unions, environmental issues and all of the general regulations affecting the industry. For the formerly reasons CONF has been recognised as unique representative for the wood Industry by the Spanish Government and related Organisations. CONF has achieve notable support measures for the companies and promoted both international and national initiatives for the Spanish companies. CONF cooperate with the Environment Ministry in the development of the Spanish Forest Strategy and with the Spanish Standardization Association (AENOR) in the improvement of the standards for wooden products.

Role in the project:

CONF,  alongside  the  rest  of  us,  WPFC,  AAWI,  iVHT  and  CCE,  will  be  in  charge  of  the  Exploitation  andDissemination of the project results (WP7). CONF will also work in close contact with the other associations for indirectly validating results and disseminating the project results among its members. Participation in the Integration & Validation stage. Dissemination of project results and benefits among SME community in the woodworking industry.

Benefits Expected:

They will benefit from increasing level of technical excellence among their member SMEs through dissemination

of the project results. They will share the IPR ownership of the project results with the other  SME-IAGs. Licensing to third parties and receiving royalties will be their main commercialisation strategy after the project. Their members will benefit from ECOPRESSWOOD results through receiving free licenses for manufacturing wood panels using the new bio-based resin, which will have formaldehyde emissions at natural wood level. This will allow them complying with the upcoming EU legislation banning the use of formaldehyde in wood products.