Technologias Avanzadas Inspiralia – ITAV

Business Activities:

Since its foundation in 2005, Tecnologias Avanzadas Inspiralia (INSP) is a unique private initiative in R&D and Innovation services to companies that helps its clients go along the way from project conceptual design to market-oriented technology delivery. Inspiralia currently has over 50 full time innovation consultants, researchers and technicians, locating its headquarters in the North of Spain (La Rioja), together with technical and commercial facilities in Madrid. The advanced materials department at INSP has wide experience in organic and polymers synthesis: polyols synthesis, pre-polymer (resin) design and glycerin chemistry for different applications such as seals, adhesives, foaming, other. This RTD centre must offer feasibility studies on glycerine chemistry, polymer chemistry and characterization process in order to develop a suitable bio-based wood resin for wood based panels production. They must also provide support in scaling-up the developed resin. Inspiralia has participated in several research projects related to the wood industry, and some of them specifically focused in the development of wood resins such as: SILENWOOD (FP7-SME-2008): Multilayered wood-based doors with enhanced acoustic insulating properties for dwelling buildings, educative and sanitation centres. ECOVARN (FP7-SME-2008): Development of a High-Performance, Regulation-compliant and Inexpensive Water-borne Wood Coating.

Role in the project:

INSP will be applying their expertise on the area of organic chemistry, materials chemistry, resin formulation and basic organic compounds characterization. INSP will lead WP1 and 2 in overcoming the technical barriers associated with the synthesis of polyols from glycerine/fatty acids and cross-linkers from glycerine. Moreover they will be in charge of pre-polymer (resin) synthesis in WP4. INSP will support CHIMAR during the key industrial scaling up of the resin synthesis at pilot plant level (WP6). INSP will use its experience in polymer chemistry and material science to evaluate the resin characteristics to precisely select the best resin composition and performance and to optimize the resin synthesis process. Member of the Project Board with a non-voting but consulting position for advice.