Centro Técnologico del Meuble la Madera de la región de Murcia

Business Activities:

CETEM is a non-profit private technology centre funded in 1994 that currently has 28 full-time employees. CETEM's main goals are the support and promotion of local industries through the research and innovation in technologically advanced areas. Besides advanced technological consulting services for local companies, CETEM's strongest areas of expertise in R&D are materials, wood adhesives, coatings, nanotechnology, embedded system design, sensor networks, ambient intelligence, automation and robotics. CETEM's research efforts were originally focused on the promotion of the furniture industry, where the centre has accumulated a very valuable experience. Moreover, CETEM has the UNE 166002: 2006 certificate in RTD and innovation management. Furthermore CETEM is  recognized as Technological Innovation Centre and as Technology Transfer Office (TTO Nº 165). CETEM´S Materials, Adhesion and Polymers research group is studying and developing new materials for the furniture industry. The Materials, Adhesion and Polymers research group will be involved in the ECOPRESSWOOD project in studying the effect of adding ceramic nanoparticles to the wood resin formulation in order to improve the mechanical properties and humidity resistance of the wood panels made using the new bio-based resin. They have participated in several National and European Research projects close related to ECOPRESSWOOD: NEXT1COAT (FP7-SME-2012): Novel high performance, water-based “high solids”and bio-based industrial wood coating. NANOMAD: Nanotechnology based treatment of wood elements: Fire behaviour, natural wood sheets and wood based panels. Project funded by the Spanish Ministry of Innovation from 2009 to 2011.

Role in the project:

CETEM will be the RTD performer specialized in the study of the effects of adding ceramic nanoparticles to the bio-based resin formulation, in order to improve the wood panel performance. They will select the optimal composition and grain size of the ceramic nanoparticles and will optimize the particle dispersion within the resin. Initially they will evaluate the effects obtained for the addiction of these ceramic nanoparticles in commercial wood resins, thus  helping to define the most optimal dispersion method, nanoparticles composition and grain size. Afterwards they will include the nanoparticles to the new bio- based resin formulation and will optimize the particle concentration for achieving the best panel performance. Their main contribution will be in the R&D WPs 1, 3 and 4. CETEM will also coordinate the financial and administrative aspects project (Mr. Francisco José Melero), together with us, the SME-IAGs, WPFC, AAWI, iVHT, CONF and CCE, by delivering WP8 (Consortium Management) for the benefit of SME- IAGs due to its dilated experience in EU Innovation Project management. CETEM will have a consulting, non-voting position in the Project Board.