Croatian Chamber of Economy

Business Activities

The Croatian Chamber of Economy is an independent professional and business organisation of all legal entities engaging in business. It was established in 1852, organised in European tradition and on the so- called continental model of Austrian and German chambers with compulsory membership. Every company registered with the Commercial Court is a member of the Chamber. In this project the CCE will be represented by its Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry Department.

CCE, Department for agriculture food industry and forestry actively participate in the work of Croatian agriculture, forestry and wood associations and affiliations. Furthermore, we have actively participate in the work of European and world projects such as HORIZON 2000, Intelligent Energy — Europe programme, Business Support Project, Health and Responsible Drinking etc. Related to these projects CCE participates in the process of training and education for our members (all companies in Croatia). Furthermore, apart from mentioned European projects we organize and promote Croatian products at home and abroad (Project ‘Croatia land of olive oil’, Project ‘Wood comes first’, domestic and International fairs etc.)
Activities: Lobbying European institutions, Networking among its members, EU project management, Communication activities, Information dissemination, Event organisation such as the Croatian forestry and wood conference, Croatian biomass days and workshops on specific bioenergy topics.

The Chamber is also a member of international organisations: ASCAME – Association of Mediterranean Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Marseilles; UEAPME – European Association of Crafts, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, Brussels; ECSB – European Council for Small Business, a branch of the ICSB International Council for Small Business, Halmstad; TII – European Association for the Transfer of Technology, Innovations and Industrial Information; Exchange of Technology through the EBEN, TRN and CORDIS networks, Brussels; FIATA – International Federation of Freight Forwarders, Zurich; OICA – International Organisation of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers, Paris; EMEC – European Marine Equipment Council, London, EBC (European Brewery Convention) , European Flour Milling Association , WWEA, World Wind Energy Association , AEBIOM-European Biomass Association

Role in the project:

As the Dissemination Manager, its primary role will be the crucial dissemination of ECOPRESSWOOD results, as well as leading the preparation of a dissemination plan, in collaboration with the other SME-IAGs, that will ensure that the project results reach the European woodworking industry. CCE will lead tasks 7.1, 7.3 and 7.4 of Use and Dissemination WP7 to broadly disseminate beyond the consortium all ECOPRESSWOOD results according to the Plan of Use and Dissemination also prepared by CCE. CCE will also contribute to the additional validation of ECOPRESSWOOD results, supporting the SMEs through the feedback received from associated members. Other roles will be back-up in coordination tasks, communication within the consortium and further tasks derived from being crucial members of the Project Board. Moreover, CCE members of the biodiesel industry (BIODIESEL d.o.o, BIODIESEL PRODUKT d.o.o…) will act as providers of bio-diesel waste for resin production.

Benefits Expected:

They will benefit from increasing level of technical excellence among their member SMEs through dissemination of the project results. They will share the IPR ownership of the project results with the other SME-IAGs. Licensing to third parties and receiving royalties will be their main commercialisation strategy after the project. Their members will benefit from ECOPRESSWOOD results through receiving free licenses for producing the new free formaldehyde bio-based resin from biodiesel residues. This will provide them the opportunity to supply the woodworking industry of new wood adhesives for the production of wood panels in line with the upcoming EU legislation.