Wood Processing and Furniture Cluster

Business Activities:

Wood Processing and Furniture Cluster is an association of 33 companies (100% SMEs) and 2 SME-IAGs operating with wood in Western Ukraine, from basic processing to furniture makers. The cluster is registered as an Association since 2011 under the Ukrainian Law. Currently the association has 4 full-time employees. Each cluster member has a representative on the Cluster’s Board. This guarantees that interests of all members are equally represented in the Cluster. PPV Knowledge Networks is an administrator of the Cluster. Wood Processing and Furniture Cluster’s main activities are centred on the growth and extension of markets, in which members of the cluster are active, innovation in the wood-related industries as well as collaboration between different institutional stakeholders (authorities, regulators, NGOs, etc.). Within their main activities, the followings ones might be highlighted: preparation of training events for member companies, collaboration with educational and research institutions, participation in research projects for the development of new products and improving production processes, preparing marketing materials, trade fairs, public events and forums and collaboration with other clusters, organizations and institutions, in particular to explore and enter into new markets.

Role in the project:

As the Exploitation Manager by means of Mr. Volodymyr Vorobeyprimary, WPFC role will be the use of results (IPR holding, patent filling, and all necessary activities) envisaged in tasks 7.1 to 7.3 of the Use and Dissemination WP7. WPFC will produce the Plan of Use and Dissemination. WPFC will also contribute to the additional validation of ECOPESSWOOD results, supporting the SMEs through the feedback received from associated members. Other roles will be back-up in coordination tasks, communication within the consortium and further tasks derived from being crucial members of the Project Board.

Benefits Expected:

They will outsource most of the research activities to RTD performers and receive in return the technological know-how they need by the ownership of the results, therefore the WPFC members will be able to get after the project IPR licensing revenues. WPFC will share the IPR ownership of the project results with the other SME-IAGs. WPFC would then sublicense their IPR to associated SMEs, either within the consortium or externally. Their members will benefit from ECOPRESSWOOD results through receiving free licenses for producing the new wood based panels with formaldehyde emission at natural wood level, thus in line with the upcoming EU legislation.


WoodProcessingandFurnitureClusterisanassociationof33companies(100%SMEs)and2SME-IAGs operatingwithwoodinWesternUkraine,frombasicprocessingtofurnituremakers.Theclusteris registeredasanAssociationsince2011undertheUkrainianLaw.Currentlytheassociationhas4full-time employees.EachclustermemberhasarepresentativeontheCluster’sBoard.Thisguaranteesthatinterests ofallmembersareequallyrepresentedintheCluster.PPVKnowledgeNetworksisanadministratorofthe Cluster.WoodProcessingandFurnitureCluster’smainactivitiesarecentredonthegrowthandextension ofmarkets,inwhichmembersoftheclusterareactive,innovationinthewood-relatedindustriesaswellas collaborationbetweendifferentinstitutionalstakeholders(authorities,regulators,NGOs,etc.).Withintheir mainactivities,thefollowingsonesmightbehighlighted:preparationoftrainingeventsformember companies,collaborationwitheducationalandresearchinstitutions,participationinresearchprojectsfor thedevelopmentofnewproductsandimprovingproductionprocesses,preparingmarketingmaterials, tradefairs,publiceventsandforumsandcollaborationwithotherclusters,organizationsandinstitutions, inparticularto explore andenterintonewmarkets.